Where Does Santa Claus Go on Vacation?

Christmas is many people’s favorite time of year. There's a lot to look forward to during the Christmas season, such as getting together with family, eating yummy food during the Christmas dinner, and opening presents.

But, while everyone is lounging and enjoying their free time, Santa Claus is running around trying to make sure everything is in order for the big night on Christmas Eve. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for good ol’ Santa. This begs the question: when Santa is done delivering presents, where does he go on vacation?

Santa takes a break on December 25th, the day after he delivers all the gifts for the good boys and girls of the world. He doesn’t go anywhere special; he simply goes back home to the North Pole to spend time with everyone who worked hard to spread the joy of Christmas.

This includes the reindeers, which need rest after flying all over the world. After putting away his sleigh, he takes his trusty reindeer to the stables, where they are treated to a buffet of herbs, leaves, and grass.

Then, he celebrates another successful year of gift-giving with the elves and Mrs. Claus, who throw a big party with fun games and delicious food. At the end of the day, Santa relaxes by going to bed with a full belly and a happy heart. The next day, he gets back to work.

That's right, Santa Claus only gets one day of vacation a year. He doesn’t go off to a sunny, tropical island with the missus or go backpacking across Europe. The fact is, Santa has too much work to do to prepare for next year’s Christmas Eve, so he doesn’t have time to go on vacation.

Many people believe that Santa’s only job is to deliver presents on December 24th, but Santa does so much more than that. Among his many responsibilities is taking care of his reindeer. The reindeer need to be fed, watered, and brushed every day.

He could ask an elf to do this, but he prefers to do it himself. He loves all his reindeer very much and wants to take care of them. He can’t take them with him on vacation because reindeer like staying in cold, snowy places. They have to stay in the North Pole, so if they can’t go anywhere, Santa won’t either.

Santa Claus also needs to create and check the naughty and nice list. This list is constantly being updated all the time as children everywhere do naughty and nice things. It's a lot of work to maintain and keep track of all the names on the list, which is why Santa Claus is so busy even after Christmas is over. Even after the list is created, he needs to check it... and then he checks it again just to be safe!

Another task that keeps Santa Claus busy year-round is inventing toys. As a matter of fact, the entire toy-making process keeps him pretty busy. First, he has to come up with all kinds of amazing toys that kids will like. Then, the toy designs get sent to the toy factory, where the elves work hard to make them.

Santa tests each toy individually to make sure they are in perfect condition and ready to go. The toys are packaged up, wrapped, and then stored away until Christmas Eve.

Last but not least is possibly Santa’s most important task: reading the letters that kids send him. Santa reads each letter that gets sent his way to see what kind of toys every kid wants. He also replies to those letters to let children around the world know that he listens to them and he’ll get them a gift on Christmas.

All of this takes up a large chunk of Santa’s year. By the time Santa finishes organizing the gifts and letter for the billions of kids around the world, Christmas Eve is already upon us and it’s nearly time for him to deliver the gifts.

You may think it’s sad that Santa doesn’t get a vacation, but you don’t have to worry about that. Santa loves his job more than anything, so he’s more than happy to do it without taking a break. He loves his home in the North Pole and is happy to stay there with Mrs. Claus, his reindeer, and his busy elves year-round. That's why he’s so jolly all the time!