How to Get Santa Letters from the North Pole

Far up at the snowy top of the globe, in the most northern parts of Alaska, lives a kind old couple. For most of the year they are two ordinary people going about ordinary day to day things. They eat, sleep, do their chores and manage their toy workshop. But that is where their ordinariness ends.

Their toy factory is world-renowned but rarely seen. The toy makers and factory workers are busy elves who spend the whole year getting ready for one magical night. Have you guessed who this special couple is? Yes! It’s Santa Claus and his dear wife, Mrs Claus.

Why Does Santa Live in the North Pole?

Santa and his wife have chosen to live in the icy North Pole for a few reasons. Firstly, Santa and Mrs Claus love the snow. Snow is such an iconic part of Christmas that they would feel completely out of place and uncomfortable if they were to live somewhere that didn’t have snow. The North Pole has snow all year round making it the perfect place for the Claus’s to have their little home.

Secondly, Santa is a very private man and he doesn’t like to go out too much unless he has to. He is shy of adults and is extremely busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Thirdly, his toy factory needs a secluded spot due to its enormous size and its magical nature. It simply would not work in the middle of New York. Children would be in and out of it all day and the elves would get no work done.

Fourthly, all his factory workers are elves and elves only like to live where it is snowy. They thrive in snowy weather and are extremely shy of people. They would not be able to work if they were worrying about people coming into the factory all the time. They don’t want people seeing them when they leave the factory and are on their way home either. For the elves, the North Pole is the perfect place to work.

Lastly, Santa has reindeer who pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Without these magical beasts the presents would not get delivered. During the year the reindeer help with other jobs around the factory. Reindeer only like to live in snowy climates like Alaska and thus the North Pole is perfect for them too.

Where is the North Pole?

The North Pole is, strictly speaking, the northern most tip of the world and consists of floating ice. However, there are some countries that we consider part of the North Pole: Denmark, Canada, Russia, United States (Alaska) and Norway.

Santa’s Letter Factory Sends Letters From the North Pole

Santa spends most of the year doing administration work. He receives millions of letters and he painstakingly reads and replies to each one. It is a tiring job but it is necessary to ensure that delivery on Christmas Eve runs smoothly. The letter factory is based in the North Pole and is situated right next door to the toy factory so that the requests from the children can be passed easily to the head elf in the factory.

The address of the letter factory is: 580 South Santa Claus Lane North Pole, AK 99705.

The magic of Christmas ensures that any letter addressed to Santa will reach him. But using the above address if the easiest and most efficient way to get a letter to Santa.

Santa also has to spend time on his naughty and nice list. This list is updated weekly and children’s names move magically onto the appropriate list. We are still not absolutely sure how Santa knows onto which list each name should go, but he is never wrong.

Sending a letter to Santa has never been easier. You don’t even have to wait until December to send it. Santa is ready and waiting to receive your letter all year round.